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Welcome to Global Communities!

Each year we invite a select number of academically-talented incoming freshmen to join the program. Global Communities staff review several thousand applications to the University to identify talented, diverse students based upon their background, experience, and educational qualifications. We seek to invite a mix of students who we believe are a good fit for the program. These include those who have demonstrated or expressed an interest in world affairs and global cultures; first-generation and international students who are familiar with and interested in other countries and cultures; and those who demonstrate an open mind and an interest in meeting diverse individuals.

How to Accept Your Invitation

Invitees must take the following three steps BEFORE May 1:

1. You must accept by May 1-- you are not automatically enrolled!
2. Submit the Decision Response on your MyCoalition Checklist online.  
3. Complete the 2019-2020 Housing/Dining Services Agreement at

Interested but not Invited?

We recognize that not all students highlight their international interests in their applications to the University, and we may miss them in our review. Please let us know if you think you are a strong candidate for the program by contacting us at or by completing our Self Nomination Form. Self nominations are reviewed after May 1. 

Not interested?

Your invitation to Global Communities is completely optional. We are aware that the program may not be the right fit for all those invited. If you are unable or uninterested in joining our community, simply refrain from accepting your invitation.