The following is a list of FAQs related to the Fall 2020 Physical Reopening. Please refer to Future Terps Covid-19 Updates for a comprehensive list of university-wide updates.

How will the university make a final decision about campus reopening?
The reopening of campus this fall is subject to changing conditions and must be in compliance with federal, state, county and University System of Maryland guidance. Our community’s health and well-being are our top priority, so as long as the pandemic continues, there will likely be some restrictions.

What are the university’s plans to “de-densify” campus?
The University System of Maryland advises a density reduction on all USM campuses, and enforcement of physical distancing in classrooms, residence halls and dining halls. Efforts to de-densify at UMD include reducing the number of individuals who need to be physically present on the premises on any given day, starting with reducing the capacity of our residence and dining halls. Other strategies to de-densify campus include online instruction and some staff (and faculty) continuing to work from home.

What safety measures will be in place when campus reopens?
The plans of the Safety and Health work-group, co-led by Dean Boris Lushniak of the School of Public Health and General Counsel Mike Poterala, informs the planning of all the work-groups. They include cleaning and disinfecting all buildings; environmental monitoring; protocols for testing, screening and contact tracing; and abiding by CDC guidelines on physical distancing, face-coverings and frequent hand washing.

Will classes be conducted virtually for the Fall 2020 semester?
Learning and teaching this fall semester will involve a mix of in-person, online and blended education. However, students should expect that many of their classes will be virtual in the fall term.

How will classes be conducted when students and faculty return to campus?
On-campus instruction will be limited overall for the fall semester. For classes that offer the option to attend in person, classroom capacity has to be reduced in order to allow for the requisite physical distancing.

Will students have the option to continue their studies virtually when campus reopens?
Yes. We are working to provide students with the option of taking classes exclusively online, if they so choose.