For Current Students (who entered Fall 2021 or before)

The Global Experience Requirement is a hallmark of the Global Communities program. It is a 3-credit course that enables students to deepen their knowledge of a global issue and/or a different culture through an immersive experience. Global Communities staff work closely with students to support their pursuit of a global experience that meets their individual academic, professional, and personal goals

1. The Global Experience Details: 

In the second year, students must earn at least a C- in a 3-credit course that meets the Global Experience requirement and complete a second-year Capstone.

 There are four (4) options for the Global Experience Course:

2. How to complete the Capstone?

  • Steps to complete the GC Capstone
    • Login to ELMS-Canvas
    • Go to the course "GC ELMS"
    • Select "Assignments"
    • Go to "Capstone Submission"
    • Select your entering class page for submission instructions
    • If you have any issues accessing this ELMS-Canvas course page please email globalcommunities [at]

  • Submit your Global Experience Capstone &  ePortfolio. 

3. Apply for your GC Notation (Following the completion of steps 1 and 2)


EXTENSION REQUEST: If you plan to complete your Global Experience after your second-year please email Dr. Haufler and globalcommunities [at] to request an extension. 
Global Experience Chart