The Global Experience Requirement is a hallmark of the Global Communities program. It is a 3-credit course that enables students to deepen their knowledge of a global issue and/or a different culture through an immersive experience. Global Communities staff work closely with students to support their pursuit of a global experience that meets their individual academic, professional, and personal goals.
  1. The Global Experience Details: 
    • In the second year, students must earn at least a C- in a course that meets the Global Experience requirement and complete a second-year Capstone.
  2. How to complete the Capstone?
    • Steps to complete the GC Capstone
      • Login to ELMS-Canvas
      • Go to the course "GC ELMS"
      • Select "Assignments"
      • Go to "Capstone Submission"
      • Select your entering class page for submission instructions
      • If you have any issues accessing this ELMS-Canvas course page please email globalcommunities [at]

    • Submit your Global ExperienceCapstone ePortfolio. The ePortfolio is due in April of the second year unless you have been granted an extension on the Global Experience requirement.
  3. Apply for your GC Notation (Following the completion of steps 1 and 2)


EXTENSION REQUEST: If you plan to complete your Global Experience after your second-year please email Dr. Haufler and globalcommunities [at] to request an extension. 
  • Global Experience Course (3-credit) consists of four options:

Global Experience Chart