Global communities program

Once students complete the list of program requirements outlined below they will receive a Notation on their academic transcript, indicating that they successfully completed the Global Communities Program:

  • Ten credit hours of required coursework with a minimum grade of C- or better
  • Residence in Dorchester Hall during freshmen year
  • Participation in programs and events sponsored by Global Communities and the Global Communities Student Association
  • Capstone project

A detailed description of the requirements can be found here.

We celebrate our graduates each year with a reception and ceremony, inviting family to attend. We award a Certificate of Completion and a Global Communities Medallion, pictured above. We look forward to seeing GC alumnae proudly wearing the medallion at their University graduation ceremony!

The academic notation officially recognizes our students' accomplishments, which is useful for future career plans and graduate school applications. The program pays dividends beyond credentials--the relationships with fellow students and our staff is one of the greatest advantages of participating in Global Communities. Our students are part of a network of alumni, friends and supporters from across the U.S. and around the world.

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