2021-2022 UPDATE:

BSGC398A is an asynchronous 3-credit online course scheduled for Spring 2022.

Virtual/Online and hybrid Global Service Learning programs will be reviewed and approved on a case by case basis. The programs listed below are already pre-approved.  

Please contact Natalie Vinski Ibrahim for more information.  

GC students may fulfill their Global Experience by gaining acceptance, as a participant or leader, into select GC-designated Global Service programs AND enrolling in BSGC398A: Global Service, a 3-credit online course offered in the Spring or Summer semester. This course fulfills the General Education: Diversity-Cultural Competency. In addition, this course requires directed readings and reflective writings related to your Global Service experience. 

REMINDER: Your Global Experience requirement will be fulfilled upon the successful completion of BOTH your Global Service Experience AND completion of BSGC398A.
Below is a list of GC-Approved Global Service Options

To register for BSGC398A, please contact nvinski [at] umd.edu (subject: Question%20about%20Global%20Service) (Natalie Vinski Ibrahim)
If you are interested in participating in a global service-learning program that is not listed on this page, you will need to have your request reviewed by a GC staff before enrolling to ensure it meets the requirements of the Global Experience. Please contact nvinski [at] umd.edu (subject: Question%20about%20Global%20Service) (Natalie Vinski Ibrahim) for more information. 
Approved Global Service Programs:


In-person options (inquire with the organizations about current options):

Global Communities Global Service at Langley Park Hispanic Festival in Fall 2019
Global Experience - Global Service Capstone Poster
Global Experience - Global Service Capstone Poster
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