Global Neighbors – Explore the world in UMD’s backyard

Takoma/Langley Crossroads is home to businesses and organizations representing immigrant residents from an estimated 120 different countries. This program will take UMD students out of their comfort zones to explore the culturally rich and diverse neighborhoods that are adjacent to campus. It is one of the region’s most distinctive and broadly representative international communities representing the cultures of Central and South America, West Africa, China, Vietnam, Korea, India, and the Caribbean among others. Global Neighbors encourages students to take a closer look at their preconceived assumptions and closely listen to the lived experiences of the individuals who call the area home.   

The Global Neighbors Project is an experiential learning module within Global Communities’ newly designed Student in the University course, BSGC 100. Offered in the fall semester, the course is a required one-credit seminar for all 1st Year Global Communities students. Global Neighbors addresses two out of the five learning objectives for students enrolled in BSGC 100

  • Develop cross-cultural communication skills by engaging in dialogue with international communities both within UMD and near campus.
  • Understand more deeply our own and others’ identities and the implications of diverse identities for creating an inclusive living-learning environment.

The Global Neighbors Project asks students to physically travel outside the comfort of their campus “bubble” to engage with residents, business owners, and community leaders in the Langley/Takoma Crossroads area. Through this experience, students will enhance awareness of their assumptions and biases related to differences based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, socioeconomic status, education level, and citizenship status.


Langley Park Service Trip 2013

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