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Fulfill your Global Experience requirement and give your resume a competitive edge by taking on an intensive study abroad experience during your winter, summer or spring break and earning at least 3 academic credits. Maryland Short-term programs are led by a UMD faculty member who works with UMD's Education Abroad office to develop a rigorous and engaging curriculum and program agenda. Maryland Short-term programs give you an opportunity to put your studies to the test! Don't miss this chance to gain experiences valuable to grow as a leader in our increasingly global workforce. Students who participate in education abroad:

  • Form lasting bonds with UMD faculty and students who share your personal and professional interests
  • Earn resident credit abroad and stay on track with your four year plan
  • Participate in international immersion experiences and research projects

Research & Apply

Search for a Maryland Short-term program by discipline or engagement opportunity. You can meet with an EA advisor to discuss options that are best for you. 

Access the program application online by clicking on the "Apply Now" button at the top of the program page.  You will login with your UMD directory ID and password and submit most application elements online. You should complete all application materials by the stated deadline. If you have any questions about the application, you can contact your EA advisor

Faculty directors will review all completed applications after the deadline. If you are selected to participate in a program, you will be enrolled in the course(s) listed on each program brochure. All courses will appear on your transcript as UMD resident credit and many of these courses can apply to your major, minor, or general education requirements.

Global Communities students may also opt to spend a semester or year abroad to fulfill the requirements for our program. These can be University of Maryland courses, or courses organized and taught through other universities but approved for University of Maryland credit.

Contact the Education Abroad office for more details.


All GC students interested in an Education Abroad experience are invited to apply for our new GC Education Abroad Scholarship! Details included below and on the flyer on this page. 

  • Step 1: Login to MyEA and apply for a study abroad program
  • Step 2: Go to "Required Form" section and click on the UMD Education Abroad Scholarship link
  • Step 3: Complete Scholarship Application Forms. Note: Application Due September 24 for Winter, Spring & Spring Break programs
  • Step 4: Email EA advisor to let them know that you are a GC student and submitted a scholarship application
  • Step 5: Complete program application by October 1
Global communities Education Abroad
GC Education Abroad Scholarship Flyer
GC Education Abroad Scholarship
Global Experience - Education Abroad Capstone Poster
Global Experience - Education Abroad Capstone Poster
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