As of Fall 2022, Global Communities will become part of the Honors College. The new Honors Global Communities program will continue the mission and traditions of the current program, and Dorchester Hall will remain our home. The academic program will change but will retain its focus on global issues. For more information please see the Honors Global Communities FAQ's

For Current Students:

The necessary steps to complete the GC Program are outlined in detail below. If you have any questions please email globalcommunities [at]

GC Program Summary

  Fall Semester Spring Semester
Year 1
  • GC Waiver & Release
  • Community Engagement Requirement
  • BSGC100
  • BSGC101
  • Community Engagement Requirement
  • BSGC102
Year 2
  • Global Experience (3 credit-course required) - can complete in Summer, Fall, or Spring. OR request an extension by emailing globalcommunities [at]
    • Education Abroad
    • Global Service
    • Global-Related Internship
    • Global-Related Experiential Course
  • Submit Capstone
  • Submit ePortfolio
  • Complete GC Notation form
  • Join in GC Celebration

Expectations for Fall 2021 Cohort:

  • Fall semester - Complete GC Waiver & Release (ELMS-Canvas)
  • Fall semester - Complete GC Requirements + Commitments Form (ELMS-Canvas) 
  • Fall & Spring semester - Complete Global Citizenship Requirement (ELMS-Canvas)

Year 1: Theory

Fall (Semester 1)
  • Get to know your new home and all it has to offer! Take BSGC100: Student in the University - 1 credit
    • Fulfills General Education Course Requirement: UNIV100 requirements (please confirm with your academic advisor)
  • Develop a nuanced understanding of globalization and how it impacts our daily lives. Take BSGC101: Globalization - 3 credits
    • Fulfills General Education Course Requirement: History/Social Sciences; I-Series
Spring (Semester 2)
  • Can we solve global problems? Apply your knowledge of globalization to tackle some of the world's most pressing global issues in BSGC102: Global Issues - 3 credits \
    • Fulfills General Education Course Requirement: History/Social Sciences; Understanding Plural Societies

Year 2: Experience & Reflection

Fall or Spring (Semester 3 or 4)
  • Take the knowledge you have learned in the classroom and apply it first-hand by completing your Global Experience. Any of the options listed below will satisfy this requirement:

           Education Abroad Course

           Global-Related Internship Course

           Global Service Course

           Global-Related Experiential Course

Spring (Semester 4)
  • Submit your Capstone Poster and ePortfolio to Dr. Haufler, the Faculty Director. 
  • The ePortfolio is due in April of the second year unless you have been granted an extension on the Global Experience requirement
    • GC Capstone Steps: 
      • Login to ELMS-Canvas
      • Go to the course "GC ELMS"
      • Select "Assignments"
      • Go to "Capstone Submission"
      • Select your entering class page for submission instructions
      • If you have any issues accessing this ELMS-Canvas course page please email globalcommunities [at]

  • Complete GC Notation form

  • Join us in celebrating your accomplishments!

Global communities academic requirements

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