Global Service

Global communities Global ServiceGC students may fulfill their Global Experience Requirement by gaining acceptance into select GC-designated Global Service programs AND enrolling in a 3-credit course in the Spring or Summer semester called BSGC398A:Global Service (general Education: Diversity-Cultural Competency). This online course requiresdirected readings and reflective writings related to your Global Service/Alternative Break experience. 

Your Global Experience requirment will be fulfilled upon successful completion of BOTH your Global Service experience AND BSGC398A. Below is a list of GC-approved Global Service options.

If you are interested in participating in a global service-learning program that is not listed on this page, you will need to have your request revied by a GC staff before enrolling to ensure it meets the requirements of Global Experience. Please contact Natalie Vinski Ibrahim for more information. 

GC-approved UMD Alternative Breaks

Note: UMD AB Programs not listed above will NOT fulfill the Global Experience requirement.

Other Approved Global Service Opportunities