Globally-Oriented Internship

Globally oriented internships

Build your resume and professional skills with this Global Experience option! Search and apply for a for-credit internship with an organization that has a global or international mission. This includes, but is not limted to, an agency in the federal government dealing with foreign policy, a non-profit that addresses a global issue or a business that has a global philanthropy unit. Students must register for a 3-credit internship course to complement their professional experience. Internship courses offered through academic majors or other campus departments may be accepted. Options include the BSOS Internship for Credit courses, which are open to all majors.

The University Career Center provides services to assist students in finding internships, but each student is responsible for securing their own placement. We also post many internship opportunities on the Global Communities newsletter and social media.

Internship Eligibility Policy

  • Internship activities must be internationally-focused such as helping an organization, agency, or firm address a global issue, fulfill its mission outside the United States, or render services to a population from a cultural background different from you own. Your internship MUST receive approval in advance from the internship course instructor AND from the GC Program Manager, Jazmin Pichardo.
  • The internship should be a new experience; it should not be a continuation of a current internship or one previously done.
  • You may not earn academic credit for an internship in which you report to a relative or to anyone who reports to a relative, or work in a company owned by a relative.
  • The internship must involve meaningful pre-professional work activities and learning opportunities.
  • You must complete 135 hours of work on site with direct supervision at your site in order to receive credit. Hours and activities must be verified by your supervisor.
  • Internet-based, work-from-home, and off-site internships must receive advanced approval from the GC Program Manager.

Please contact Jazmin Pichardo, Program Manager, with questions related to Globally-Oriented Internsips.

Internship Resources Through Your College

Searching for an internship can feel like an overwhelming task and often students struggle to figure out where they should start. Global Communities always encourages students to set up a one-on-one appointment with program staff and the University Career Center for support on how to start the search process. Below are some additional resources to support students in finding internships that meet their professional and academic needs:

Recent GC internship sites have included: