Global Service

Global communities Global ServiceGC students may fulfill their Global Experience Requirement by gaining acceptance into select GC-designated Global Service programs AND enrolling in a 3-credit course in the Spring or Summer semester called BSGC398A:Global Service (General Education: Diversity-Cultural Competency). This online course requires directed readings and reflective writings related to your Global Service experience. 

Your Global Experience requirment will be fulfilled upon successful completion of BOTH your Global Service experience AND BSGC398A. Below is a list of GC-approved Global Service options.

To register for BSGC398A, please begin by submitting the BSGC398A Pre-Registration Form

If you are interested in participating in a global service-learning program that is not listed on this page, you will need to have your request revied by a GC staff before enrolling to ensure it meets the requirements of Global Experience. Please contact Natalie Vinski Ibrahim for more information. 

GC-approved UMD Alternative Breaks

Note: UMD AB Programs not listed above will NOT fulfill the Global Experience requirement.

Other Approved Global Service Opportunities