Academic Requirements

Global communities Academic Requirements

Year 1: Theory

Fall (Semester 1)
  • Get to know your new home and all it has to offer! Take BSGC100: Student in the University - 1 credit (satisfies some departments' UNIV100 requirements, please confirm with your academic advisor)
  • Develop a nuanced understanding of globalization and how it impacts our daily lives. Take BSGC101: Globalization - 3 credits (General Education: History/Social Sciences; I-Series)
Spring (Semester 2)
  • Can we solve global problems? Apply your knowledge of globalization to tackle some of the world's most pressing global issues in BSGC102: Global Issues - 3 credits (General Education: History/Social Sciences; Understanding Plural Societies)


Year 2: Experience & Reflection

Fall or Spring (Semester 3 or 4)
  • Take the knowledge you have learned in the classroom and apply it first-hand by completing your Global Experience. Any of the options listed below will satisfy this requirement:

           Education Abroad Course

           Globally-Oriented Internship Course

           Global Service Course

           Globally-Related Experiential Course

 After you finish your experience, please complete this form: to confirm.

Spring (Semester 4)
  • Submit your Capstone Poster and ePortfolio to Dr. Haufler, the Faculty Director. 
  • Join us in celebrating your accomplishments!